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Top 5 JS Libraries you have used but don’t know the name of!

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At some point of browsing the internet you have probably wondered how the developer tackles repetitive challenges like formatting your input while typing or highlighting code snippets in their blog. Well, stay tuned to find out the answer!

Do you want to share information easily across devices? Maybe a Barcode would help you out!

JsBarcode is a very simple to use barcode generation library which works in both the browser and Node.js.

It gives you a lot of customization options and has all of the commonly used barcodes built in.

One thing to keep in mind though is that JsBarcodes does not support qr-codes, which should be clear but I want to mention it never the less since many do not differentiate between them.

If you want to generate a downloadable file from client side you probably know the hassle.

FileSaver.js will take on that burden for you. It handles cross platform compatibility issues and provides a simple API. No matter if you want to save plain or rich text, or even blob files. FileSaver.js has your back.

Highlight.js should be pretty self explanatory.

The Library highlights your embedded code snippets respectively to the language they were written in. It has a massive amount of language support and syntax highlighting rules so probably no wishes are left unfulfilled.

Plus it already comes with a variety of different themes and you can even apply your own!

I bet that, at least once, you wanted to create a fullscreen scrolling website.

Until you realized how much work awaits before you can start with the actual design. So why not leave this to a dedicated open source community and focus on the more important stuff instead?

fullpage.js does just that! It is easy to set up and gets its job done!

A quick disclaimer: If you want to use the library in a closed source project for commercial use you will likely have to purchase an additional license for that.

Cleave.js has a simple purpose: to help you format input text content automatically.

I think the worst in webdev is to do repetitive tasks. Input formatting is by far number one of the most annoying tasks. So my goal is to spent as little time as possible on these problems and cleave.js does a great job in doing the heavy lifting for you. I don’t think that there is an easier approach of simplifying this process. No additional CSS styling and complex HTML structures.

The article in relaxing video form

Hopefully you’ve learned something new and I could save you a lot of time in the future!

Which libraries are you using all the time? Write a comment and leave some claps if you enjoyed the article!

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